Lanbao Company is a professional manufacturer of fuse tubes, fuse resistors, thermostats, automotive new energy fuses and other protective components. It has 30 years of production experience. The sapphire (LB) brand of current fuses produced by our company has complete safety certification. The products have passed CCC compulsory certification of China Electrotechnical Commission, China CQC certification, US UL certification, Korean KC certification, Canadian CSA certification, European VDE, TUV certification, It has passed ISO9001 quality system certification and ISO14000 environmental system certification. After more than ten production accumulations, the company has stable product quality and obvious price advantage. It is among the best in the domestic market and has been recognized by users from all walks of life. The application range of fuses is quite wide, such as household appliances, power adapters, LED drivers, mobile phones, tablets, children‘s toys and other chargers, security facilities, computer peripherals and other consumer electronics.        Our company now has fuse resistor products, UL VDE CQC and other certifications, which can replace current fuses in the circuit, mainly used in the lighting industry and chargers for mobile phones, tablet computers, etc., with low cost and fast fuse speed. . There are many applications in the lighting industry and charger products. At a time when new energy sources are gradually emerging and flourishing, our company has also invested in research and development and production capabilities, and introduced protective devices for new energy applications in automobiles.


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